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All About Facts Argonauta For Kids

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Mollusca
  • Course: Cephalopoda
  • Order: Octopoda
  • Superfamily: Argonautoida
  • Household: Argonautidae
  • Category: Argonauta.
  • Linnaeus, 1758.


Argonauta, the argonauts, is the merely residing categories in the Argonautidae household. They are a group of pelagic octopods.

They are additionally contacted paper nautiluses, because of the paper-thin eggcase that women make. This structure carries out certainly not possess the gas-filled chambers of nautilus layers, and is actually certainly not an accurate cephalopod covering. It is actually an evolutionary technology unique to the category Argonauta.

Argonauts are actually discovered in exotic and also subtropical waters around the world: they reside in open sea. Like a lot of octopods, they possess a circular body system, eight arms and also no fins. Unlike octopuses, argonauts reside close to the ocean area somewhat than on the seabed. Argonauta types possess big eyes and also little distal webs. They have a mantle-funnel locking mechanism, which is actually a technique to pinpoint the genus. It contains knob-like cartilages in the mantle and equivalent anxieties in the direct. Unlike the closely similar category Ocythoe and Tremoctopus, Argonauta varieties do not have water pores.

Physical summary.

Sexual dimorphism and also reproduction.

In Women, argonauts as well as men are very different in measurements and also life expectancy. Women grow up to 10 cm and also make shells up to 30 cm, while males rarely expand bigger than 2 centimeters. The guys make use of a customized upper arm, the hectocotylus, to move sperm to the women.

The hectocotylus was originally described as a parasitic worm. The hectocotyl upper arm and also its own proper feature were defined by Aristotle. His account was actually disbelieved for over 2000 years, but was actually rediscovered in the early 19th century.


Female argonauts produce a side to side compressed, calcareous eggcase in which they reside. The eggcase curiously appears like the coverings of vanished ammonites. It is actually secreted due to the pointers of the woman’s 2 considerably expanded dorsal tentacles (3rd left arms) just before egg setting. After she deposits her eggs in the drifting eggcase, the women herself nestles in it, usually together with the guy’s detached hectocotylus. She is actually often found with her head as well as arms sticking out from the position, however she resorts deeper inside if interrupted.

These elaborate, rounded white eggcases are periodically located drifting on the sea surface area, often with the women argonaut still holding on to it. It is made of calcite, along with a 3-layered construct The argonauts may possess advanced to use ammonite layers for their egg setting, ultimately learning to fix the coverings and perhaps also produce their personal.

The egg sac also consists of a bubble of gasoline utilized for buoyancy comparable to shelled cephalopods, although it performs certainly not have enclosures as found in other shelled cephalopods.

Argonauta argo is actually the biggest varieties in the genus and also generates the biggest eggcase, which may get to a size of 300 mm. The smallest species is actually Argonauta bottgeri, with an optimum videotaped dimension of 67 mm.

In Argonauts, females and also men are actually pretty different in size and also lifespan. Ladies expand up to 10 centimeters and create coverings up to 30 centimeters, while males hardly expand bigger than 2 cm. The men make use of a customized upper arm, the hectocotylus, to transfer semen to the female. Women argonauts make a side to side squeezed, calcareous eggcase in which they reside. After she deposits her eggs in the drifting eggcase, the women herself takes sanctuary in it, typically along with the male’s detached hectocotylus.


The beaks of Argonauta types are distinguishing. They are actually characterised by an extremely little rostrum and a crease that runs to the reduced edge or even near the complimentary section. The rostrum is ‘pinched in’ at the sides. This makes it a lot narrower than in other octopuses, except the closely allied monotypic category Ocythoe and also Vitreledonella. Argonaut beaks are most identical to those of Ocythoe tuberculata and also Vitreledonella richardi. They contrast in ‘leaning back’ to a greater degree than the former as well as because they have an additional rounded jaw angle than the latter.

Feeding and self defense

Feeding typically develops within the day. Argonauts utilize arms to nab victim and also drag it toward the mouth. It after that bites the target to shoot it with poison coming from the salivary glandular. They live on small crustaceans, molluscs, yet likewise jellyfish and salps. If the target is actually shelled, the argonaut utilizes its radula to teach in to the microorganism, after that inject the poison.

Argonauts can changing their different colors. They can easily blend in with their settings to avoid predators. They likewise generate ink, which is expelled when the pet is being actually attacked. This ink incapacitates the olfaction of the enemy, providing opportunity for the argonaut to get away from. The female is actually additionally capable to draw back the internet treatment of her layer, making a silvery flash, which might prevent a killer coming from assaulting.

Argonauts are preyed upon by billfishes, tunas, and dolphins. Layers as well as continues to be of argonauts have been actually taped from the bellies of Alepisaurus ferox and Coryphaena hippurus.

Male argonauts have been viewed living inside salps, which are actually planktonic tunicates. Little bit of is actually learnt about this partnership.


The category Argonauta consists of approximately 7 existing types. Several died out varieties are likewise known.

The died out types Obinautilus awaensis was initially appointed to Argonauta, yet has actually due to the fact that been transmitted to the category Obinautilus.

Argonaut beaks are very most comparable to those of Ocythoe tuberculata and also Vitreledonella richardi. Argonauts use tentacles to snatch prey as well as yank it towards the mouth. If the prey is actually shelled, the argonaut uses its own radula to teach into the living thing, at that point inject the poisonous substance.

Argonauts are actually capable of changing their color.

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