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Facts Poison Frogs : Physical Description, Food/Eating Habits, and Reproduction

Poison frogs (also named poison arrow frogs, poison dart frogs and dendrobatids), are one of the most brilliantly tinted frogs on the planet. They stay in damp, exotic woodlands in Central and South The United States where their diet supports the toxic substances they secrete with their skin layer.

3 varieties perform exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo: the green as well as dark poison frog, the tri-colored poison frog and the blue poison toad.


  1. Poison frogs are actually commonly named poison arrow and also poison dart frogs because of indigenous Indian tribes reportedly wiping their arrow recommendations on the frogs’ spines prior to searching. Just 3 types have been chronicled as in fact being utilized for this objective, consisting of the gold poison frog, the very most dangerous of all toad species.
  2. All 3 of these chronicled varieties concern the genus Phyllobates and not Dendrobates, the genus that features the best brilliantly colored of poison frogs that are actually usually acknowledged as “poison dart frogs.”

Physical Description

These frogs are often known as poison arrowhead or even poison dart frogs given that native Indian tribes reportedly rubbed their arrow suggestions on the frogs’ spines prior to seeking. Merely three species have in fact been recorded being actually made use of for this reason, featuring the gold poison toad, the very most poisonous of all frog varieties.

All three of these documented species belong to the genus Phyllobates rather than the genus Dendrobates, that includes one of the most vibrantly tinted frogs that are actually frequently identified as poison dart frogs. The gold toad secretes the alkaloid contaminant batrachotoxin, which is of passion to health care researchers that are actually making an effort to build muscle mass relaxants, soul stimulants and anaesthetics coming from the poisonous substance.

Poison frogs are understood for their attractive colours, as well as amphibians that possess toxic skin tears often tend to have bright alert colours or even patterns. It is actually speculated that these different colors operate as a visual warning, a discovered action on the part of the predator.

A killer that discovers a certain kind of amphibian to be horrible are going to affiliate the warning color with the lousy preference and, after several such experiences, are going to acknowledge the horrible types as well as refrain from attacking. Aposematic pigmentation normally entails red, orange or even yellowish. Some animals have brilliant pigmentation that performs certainly not associate to poisoning, probably mimicking those pets through which color truly is actually an alert.


Poison frogs are actually normally little varieties, regarding 0.75 to 1.5 ins (twenty to 40 millimeters) in duration.


Poison frogs could be listened to employing the flooded woodland. Most varieties of frogs have strong voice constructs efficient in creating a variety of sounds that fulfill to draw in buddies, show or advertise territories distress. Sound manufacturing is commonly the most popular type of communication in animals that take flight or leap because they would certainly or else have a difficult time communicating by aroma. Frogs produce sounds utilizing their laryngeal devices (larynx/vocal chords) and also very most men possess vocal pouches that function as reverberating enclosures. Variety of frogs could be recognized based on their calls.

Food/Eating Habits

Poison frogs supply usually on little pests such as ants as well as termites, which they locate on the forest flooring. Many species record their prey by using their difficult, retractable tongues. Researchers believe that poison frogs obtain their poison coming from a details arthropod and also various other bugs that they eat in the wild and also these pests most likely acquire the poison from their plant diet plan. Therefore, poison frogs in individual care on a diet plan of crickets as well as various other non-poisonous insects are certainly not dangerous on their own.

Many species possess omnivorous tadpoles that will definitely consume all kind of food items from algae as well as detritus to lifeless insects and also insect larvae. Some types usually tend to become extra meat-eating (including the tri-colored poison frog) and also eat insect larvae and also other tadpoles. Girls of some poison toad varieties put private boys in water in bromeliads and then regularly return to the internet site of each boy and down payment unfertilized eggs, which the tadpoles consume.

At the Zoo, they are nourished little crickets, grain beetles, black worms and/or fruit flies day-to-day and also as a result, are certainly not toxic. Sometimes bugs are covered with vitamin powder for additional health and nutrition.

Reproduction and Advancement

In damp tropical jungles, both sexual activities multiply throughout the year, with rains being actually the primary factor managing the timing of procreative activity.

Poison dart frogs show diverse and also intricate courting actions. Many of these varieties of frogs transfer their eggs inside leaf-litter, where it is black and also damp.

Courtship habits may last for several hrs and also ordinarily, both go to several affirmation sites before they begin mating. Courtship continues at the deposition website where the frogs begin a mating “dancing” containing reciprocal stroking and also cleansing of the area of the leaves.

Poison frogs’ link measurements ranges types coming from one to 40 eggs per clutch. After the eggs are prepared, the male enriches the link. In some varieties, the man discharges his semen just before the eggs are actually generated. The pair is going to often safeguard the eggs to see to it that they carry out moist out.

After about 10 to 18 times and depending on the varieties and also temperature level, the eggs have matured in to tadpoles. All poison frog types carry their boys on their backs. After numerous months, the boys go by means of transformation as well as come to be grown-up frogs.

Sleep Habits

Poison frogs are actually mostly diurnal.


Poison frogs in general can easily reside for over a decade in human treatment. The tri-colored poison toad are going to reside from 12 to twenty years.

Poison frogs are actually commonly called poison arrow as well as poison dart frogs as a result of to indigenous Indian people reportedly wiping their arrow suggestions on the frogs’ spines just before looking. Simply 3 species have been actually documented as actually being utilized for this reason, consisting of the gold poison frog, the very most dangerous of all toad types.

Scientists feel that poison frogs obtain their poison coming from a particular arthropod as well as various other pests that they consume in the crazy and that these insects very most probably acquire the poison from their vegetation diet. Some species tend to be extra predatory (such as the tri-colored poison frog) as well as eat insect larvae and also various other boys. Ladies of some poison toad varieties position specific tadpoles in water in bromeliads and also then occasionally return to the web site of each boy and down payment unfertilized eggs, which the tadpoles consume.